• Comfortable and clinically proven alternative to CPAP for positional obstructive sleep apnea patients(8)
  • NightBalance technology delivers gentle vibrations to prompt to move off of your back without disturbing your sleep
  • No mask needed; quiet, small, lightweight, easy to use and worn in a soft belt around your chest
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Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea (POSA) is a specific diagnosis where breathing obstructions can occur more frequently when sleeping on you back. Individuals with POSA require a different treatment than those with OSA – the goal being to control sleep positions during the night.

Choose NightBalance - a new option that was specially designed for POSA. It's proven to softly and quietly get you to an alternative sleeping position. Finally, you can put yourself in a position to wake up at your best.

  • Patients with positional sleep apnea felt NightBalance was more comfortable, easy to use and easy to adjust to than CPAP.(8)
  • 70% or more of adults using NightBalance therapy reported feeling more refreshed, less sleepy and a decrease in fatigue during the day(2)
  • Adherence with NightBalance was significantly higher than CPAP with patients who were diagnosed with POSA(8)
  • Designed for people on the go; NightBalance is portable, small and light-weight with a travel case included
  • Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea (POSA)

    Sleep apnea is a pause in breathing caused by the upper airway collapsing and blocking the air flow. If your breathing disruptions most commonly occur when sleeping on your back, then it is known as POSA. POSA can be identified during a sleep study, and effective treatment would encourage alternative sleeping positions, lessening the breathing pauses caused by sleeping on your back.

  • NightBalance Lunoa and POSA

    To adults diagnosed with mild to moderate positional obstructive sleep apnea, the NightBalance Lunoa technology delivers a long-term improvement in sleep quality.(1,3)

    69% of adults using the NightBalance Lunoa therapy reported a decrease in the number of breathing interruptions, gasping and/or choking during the night.(1,2)

  • Quiet therapy for you and your bed partner

    The NightBalance Lunoa device is small and discreet. By delivering gentle vibrations to encourage sleeping on your side, over two-thirds of adults using the NightBalance Lunoa reported that their bed partner noticed a decrease in their snoring severity. (2,4)

  • How does it work?

    NightBalance Lunoa is a palm-sized device worn comfortably across the chest in a soft, adjustable belt. During your sleep, NightBalance Lunoa device delivers gentle vibrations that prompt you to move off of your back without disturbing your sleep.(6,7) 66% of adults using the NightBalance technology reported fewer episodes of suddenly waking up during the night.(2)

  • Improve your concentration⁽²⁾

    The NightBalance Lunoa technology helps adjust your sleeping position – allowing you to concentrate on your day. 

    60% of adults using the NightBalance Lunoa therapy reported improvement in their ability to concentrate. (2)

  • Stay motivated with your progress

    NightBalance Lunoa constantly monitors and records your response to therapy, automatically uploading your data to a secure online portal. The user-friendly interface allows you to follow your progress on the device or online, helping you to stay motivated. You can also share your data with your doctor, allowing you and your doctor to check the status of your therapy night after night.

  • Adjust to therapy

    The NightBalance Lunoa uses an Adaptation Program to let you gradually adjust to POSA therapy. For the first 2 nights, the device monitors your sleeping behavior with no therapy.

    During nights 3-9, vibrations are gradually introduced over time to allow you to acclimate to the new POSA therapy.

    On day 10 and forward, full treatment is delivered when therapy is needed – reducing the time spent sleeping on your back.(5)


  • Package contents

    NightBalance Lunoa, chest strap, carry case, charger, and User Manual

  • Weight

    0.18 pounds*
    *Device and chest strap together

  • Package dimensions

    8 x 6.85 x 2.75 inches

  • Warranty

    2 year warranty on Lunoa sensor and docking station

  • MPN



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