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InnoSpire Go Mouthpiece Assembly



InnoSpire Go Mouthpiece Assembly


  • InnoSpire Go Replacement Part
  • Sleek, streamlined design and easy operation
  • Vibrating mesh technology, used in hospitals worldwide
  • Provides 1 year of use for consistent and reliable therapy


The replacement mouthpiece assembly is designed to maintain the performance of InnoSpire Go and to efficiently deliver medication for children and adults.

Vibrating mesh technology, used in hospitals worldwide

InnoSpire Go features Aerogen’s Vibronic mesh technology, used in hospitals worldwide.  The mesh vibrates, drawing the medicine through approximately 1,000 precision- formed microscopic holes, creating a fine aerosol mist. Medication reaches deep into your lungs, where it’s most needed and most effective.

  • Only one part to clean

    The easily detachable mouthpiece makes the InnoSpire Go simple to use, clean and maintain.

  • Provides 1 years use

    Giving you consistent and reliable therapy.


  • Mouthpiece warranty

    1 year

  • Size

    2.55 in x 2.55 in x 2.75 in

  • Weight

    1.6 ounces

  • For use with


  • Replacement

    Recommended replacement every 12* months to maintain performance, per Instructions for Use.


*Please read the instructions for use for full guidance on use and maintenance of the product.

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