InnoSpire Go Mask Adapter



InnoSpire Go Mask Adapter


  • InnoSpire Go Replacement Part
  • Designed for use with InnoSpireGo LiteTouch Masks
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Fits all small, medium and large LiteTouch Masks
  • Recommended 1 year use
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A small replacement mask adapter that fits all InnoSpire Go LiteTouch masks.

Connects to the InnoSpire Go LiteTouch Mask

Allows the use of the LiteTouch mask for those that have difficulty in using the mouthpiece.

Suitable for all ages

The adapter fits all sizes of the InnoSpire Go LiteTouch mask, making it suitable for use by adults and children.


  • Size

    1.75 in x 1.0 in x 1.75 in

  • Weight

    0.25 ounces

  • For use with

    InnoSpire Go

  • Replacement

    Recommended replacement every 12* months to maintain performance, per Instructions for Use.

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*Please read the instructions for use for full guidance on use and maintenance of the product.

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