InnoSpire Mini Portable Compressor Nebulizer System



InnoSpire Mini Portable Compressor Nebulizer System


  • Designed for intermittent use
  • Compact size allows for easy transport
  • Compatible with commonly prescribed nebulizer medications
  • Includes SideStream Plus and battery
  • Treatments can take as little as 6 minutes*
  • A valid prescription is required for the purchase of this product Learn More
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Helping you enjoy the important things in life. InnoSpire Mini, a portable nebulizer, allows you to nebulize your medication whenever you want, wherever you are. An ideal traveling companion, lnnoSpire Mini’s compact size gives you the independence to get the most out of life.

Treatment delivered in 6-8 minutes*

InnoSpire Mini combined with the SideStream Plus Nebulizer is designed to provide fast drug delivery and short treatment times.

Consistent therapy you can rely on

Designed for intermittent use (30 minutes on/30 minutes off) and suitable for the home and travel. Philips InnoSpire Mini provides the consistent drug delivery high-quality aerosol treatment that you can rely on.

  • Compact and lightweight

    The InnoSpire Mini compressor nebulizer system allows patients to effectively nebulize most commonly prescribed aerosol medications. Its portability enables you to take your treatment virtually anytime and anywhere at your convenience.

  • Includes SideStream Plus reusable nebulizer

    SideStream Plus has been designed to draw in more air via an active venturi system, resulting in fast drug delivery and short treatment times. The unique diamond jet design helps minimize wear from frequent use and aids in consistent delivery of a high-quality aerosol.

  • Includes rechargeable battery

    The InnoSpire Mini can be powered by the traditional wall outlet or by the rechargeable lithium ion battery, which can operate the compressor for up to 90 minutes between charges. The InnoSpire Mini can also be powered by a 12V DC car adapter while on the move.

  • Compatible with commonly prescribed nebulizer medications

    Capable of nebulizing a wide variety of medications that are routinely used with nebulizers to treat various respiratory conditions.


  • Package Contents Include

    InnoSpire Mini compressor, SideStream Plus, Rechargeable battery, carry case, mouthpiece, tubing, AC Power supply, car adapter, and a User Manual

  • Noise Level

    58 ±4 dBA

  • Warranty

    Battery: 6 months, Compressor: 3 years

  • MMAD

    4.77 μm

  • Fine Particle Fraction

    51.44% below 5 µm

  • Operating Time with Battery

    Up to 90 minutes

  • Mode of Operation


  • Maximum Pressure

    30 psi

  • Maximum Flow Rate

    8 LPM

  • Number of Treatments Per Charge

    Up to 12 treatments*

  • Battery Charging Time

    Approximately 6 hours

  • Replace SideStream Plus

    Every 6 months

  • MPN



*Using at 2.5ml Salbutamol dose

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