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Manage asthma with InnoSpire Go portable nebulizer

  • Treatment in 4 minutes*
  • Clinically proven vibrating mesh technology
  • Consistently delivers aerosol in the optimal particle size
  • Simple to use - only 2 parts
  • Virtually silent

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Testimonials "Life Changing"

“My daughter is 6 and uses this completely on her own twice a day. This has changed her life! It is literally silent, she can hold it easily herself, and it beeps and turns off automatically when done. We have had no issues in the few weeks she's been using it. A truly amazing product”

As reviewed on Just Nebulizers
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Testimonials "Best neb I've ever used"

“It's so quiet! Treatment time is short, but very effective. Because the treatment time is short my daughter will actually use it until all the meds are gone. The device is small and easy for my daughter to handle. Because it's small it makes it so easy to take anywhere. The charging lasts so that you can take it with you and not worry about cords and power. Easy to use and to clean. LOVE this product!!! If you need a neb. you NEED to get this one!”

As reviewed on Just Nebulizers
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Testimonials "Silent, fast, easy to clean"

“Replaced my old compressor type neb with this one and it is great. So easy to use, clean and no tubing or noisy motor. Very fast (3-4 min I think) and I'm buying a 2nd one as both my kids often need to take it out of the house to sleepovers, sports etc.”

As reviewed on Just Nebulizers
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In a recent study, 97% of parents surveyed agreed that “I would recommend InnoSpire Go to others”****

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In a recent study, 99% of parents surveyed agreed that “It was easy to use InnoSpire Go with my child’s treatment regime”****

mother helping child with nebulizer

In a recent study, 82% of parents surveyed agreed that “my child felt it took less time to take treatments with InnoSpire Go than with their own nebulizer”****

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